Welcome to my Aquatic Jungle

About a year back I managed to get bit by the Plant Bug and since that day I went nuts over plants. Starting with a 10 gallon tank and a plant package from E-bay, I was destined on creating what
 I thought would be a nice looking planted tank. Later on after experimenting with the plants I got
and getting the hang of their requirements I was finally ready to sell/trade them for other
plants. Little did I know about scaping and looking back at the tank now I see it as a mess!!
It had no order, tall stem plants were in the front mid and back of the tank. You can say it was
a true jungle, and not in a good way. But after visiting a few fish boards and getting some ideas in
my head I was able to convert that messy jungle into a nicely laid out planted tank. Well not
even a month had passed and I was ready for an upgrade. I managed to get myself a 29g tank.
And that is where the fun began..

Hope you enjoy reading my journey with the planted tanks. 

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