Managed to get my brothers 2.5g tank not 2 long ago and decided to turn it into a shrimp/snail tank. And since I wanted to keep it simple I decided to keep it low light, not dose any co2 or ferts.
The plants i used were ones from my 55g
Anubias Petite
Anubias Nana x Barteri
Anubias Congensis (will move once overgrows tank)
Java Fern (not sure if its Philippine species)
Flame moss

The fauna is
Purple Brig snail
Cherry shrimp
Boraras maculatus

Well here are some photos of what i have so far...
Comments/suggestions are welcomed..


    Tank Specs:

    Size: 2.5g
    Filtration: Red Sea Nano
    Lighting: 14w cfl Lamp
    Substrate: Black Sand
    Wood: Manzanita